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Have you ever been bullied?

Are you concerned about the misuse of power and the lack of accountability in society?

Whether one in speaking of bullying with regards to children in the schoolyard , or as an adult via workplace harassment, or through the inefficient and power-happy legal system or otherwise it is truly all the same problem—one that stems from and is perpetuated from the government and its legal system through its social norms and faulty laws.

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Welcome to The Brutal Truth website

This is the home of a very important and feisty book.

Whether you have been bullied or if you are generally concerned with the lack of accountability and ethics in governance then you would be interested in The Brutal Truth: A personal exposé of the corrupt and abusive Canadian Government and its legal system.

Whether on a personal or professional level one can appreciate the importance of this book. It was written to help understand and address the problem of bullying and misuse of power.

Written in a unique and honest style, this harsh book is empowering and hopeful and has the potential to assist in bringing about the much needed changes to bring integrity and social justice forward. Feisty and Courageous, the author gives a very authentic account of her experiences with bullies and misuse of power, illustrating bureaucracy at its worst. Going beyond her personal happenings included is an extensive analysis of the societal problem. It then delves into solutions looking at individuals and organizations …

The Brutal Truth – Social Justice, Bullying and Misuse of Power