All Hands On Deck

All Hands On Deck

Pardon my tardiness for the next blog entry. June held many challenges for me and July called for some sort of down time for me to re-energize. The heat wave we have been experiencing also contributed to my dullness of how to take this whole thing forward. In truth it was not the heat itself. I love it, what a glorious summer!!!… but the humidity has been zapping me. Perhaps you have been feeling it too?

There are many aspects to bring forward about bullying and misuse of power. However it is challenging to speak of such a harsh subject and the strong affiliated emotions. It is a fight that I have undertaken none-the-less. I am not always aggressive but my work might have you thinking so – pending when you happen to meet me. Such as this is, I believe, it is really important to have you know a bit more about me.

Sharing some other “softer” experiences in my life may be appropriate. I hope it will help you to become more comfortable with me as well. It will also prove as a buffer to recoup from all the other difficult material and also give an opportunity to digest it.

Today I will share with you about my passion for being on the water or in or around the water for that matter. There is something magnificent about it. One of the treats I give myself is a trip to the Toronto Harbour to take a sail on the tall ship Kajama. I try to do it at least three times a summer. Sailing on a tall ship is particularly special. Perhaps this is in part due to the childhood memory of being sponsored by the Toronto Women’s Sailing Club and Big Sisters for a 10 or 12 day training adventure on Pathfinder. I had been living in the group home system. What a lovely gift that was given to me….so much more than a trip!

It is likely then that I developed an incredible sense of strength – to be called upon when needed. It is special to have the wind blow in the sails and the motion of the waves below carrying one forward. It is uncanny to be so still and yet moving so swiftly. It is relaxing and exhilarating all at once. And I must say there usually is an amazing connection to be had with another human being when on board.

It was just recently that one of these special connections occurred. I had visited the Kajama on July 4, 2010 when many tall ships were in the Toronto Harbour for show. To my delight there was an enthusiastic 5 year old boy on board. He was quite brilliant in his knowledge of the ships, their names and descriptive features. And although his bright mind was alluring his lovely and generous disposition was more than inspirational – it was soul saving. During these two hours this young child would invite me to come explore the bow of the ship with him and his mother, and he would offer me his booklet to read the details about the tall ships. He shared his joy, his excitement and laughter. He shared himself and the incredible being that he is. With kindness and compassion, he shared himself with another human being. What a thoughtful, considerate boy! How he sees me?! And what a lovely and positive difference he has made to this world.

In many ways – there is hope for the future.

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