My Brutal Truth

Welcome to The Brutal Truth.

I hope you have taken some time to read the various pages to find out more about the feisty book I wrote and about the organization developed.

I do have huge plans to help address the problem of bullying and misuse of power.  And these plans include you…well I am hoping it includes you.

The subject material at times is incredibly harsh and difficult to discuss but I believe it must be addressed and identified correctly so as to find solutions.  Denial of the problem only perpetuates it.

I am making my negative experiences positive by allowing them to enable others to learn from and am encouraging others to do so as well.

This is quite the work in progress and with guidance  from others and perserverance and committment to the task at hand I believe we are all going to help make a difference for society.

We must consider other paths to take to redirect society to one of more integrity and well-being.

This blog is meant as a tool for communication leading to that end.

I intend for various aspects and facets of the issue to be explored.  I believe this project has a life of its own and will take us on the path as it does in favour of great benifit for society.

Please become part of this community.  Please become involved.


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